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Blending Dynamic Expertise with Innovation to Create Success.

The Peter Damon Group (PDG) is a strategic public affairs, lobbying, business development, event management, and digital marketing consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. Along with our range of high-level alliances, the PDG Team has a wealth of public and private sector relationships engaged to support the varied business interests of our clients. Simply put: Our professional passion is to put our extensive knowledge to work on behalf of our clients. 


At the onset of all new projects, our PDG team will perform thorough research to create a detailed action plan that sets client objectives and measurable goals, assigns responsibilities, establishes timelines and celebrates success!

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Keep it Moving Forward


Maneuvering Through Life's Journeys

In this inspirational memoir, Darren Peters shares deeply personal stories rooted in his own indefatigable spirit. Drawing from his beginnings in Little Rock, Arkansas through his time in the White House and into his current role as founder and CEO of a successful public advocacy firm, Darren’s story will inspire anyone who is committed to realizing their potential.

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Meet The Team

Our dynamic team is well-versed beyond any one sector or discipline. With a wide range of public and private sector experience, coupled with well-established strategic alliances, our team is ready to help you achieve results.


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Achieving Exceptional Results.

We are proud of the reputation we have earned as a trusted and strategic partner to our clients.

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