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Shelley Davis
Shelley Davis

Senior Advisor

Washington, DC

Shelley Davis is a senior executive leader in public policy and external affairs with a wealth of national and international experience in politics, labor unions, public policy development, strategic planning and high-level negotiations. His political career dates back almost two decades.

A Texas native, Davis was one of the youngest office holders in his state when he was elected to the City Council of Georgetown. His additional experience includes having worked as executive director of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus; serving numerous presidential campaigns as state and regional director of African American outreach; and having been Chief of Staff for former Texas State Senator (currently County Commissioner) Rodney Ellis of Houston.

For a decade he worked as senior advisor to Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Beginning in 2006, he served two tours of duty in the House of Representatives in the United States Congress: first as the Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee followed by his 2010 appointment as Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke (NY). He also served as Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.’s National Political Director for Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

Davis is knowledgeable on national and international political issues including the Middle East, labor, human rights, education, relief crises (from Katrina to Darfur), immigration, global warming and strategic planning for corporate and private businesses, organizations and campaigns. Additionally, he is seasoned on issues pertaining to civil rights, health care, education, housing, employment and has first-hand experience with fund development and campaign finance.

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